From Saving Skiers to Saving Souls

Terry Hamlin

Terry Hamlin grew up in a Mormon (LDS) family rife with alcoholism and gambling, and at 24 was excommunicated for refusing to follow church doctrine. The family legacy followed him – his middle name, spelled Allin, was pronounced All-in, his gambling father’s inspiration, and Terry became an alcoholic himself. Escaping God and religion, he became director of the local ski patrol, a leader in business and civic pursuits, an entrepreneur, councilman and mayor.

At 42, he developed a personal relationship with Christ. Now sober for 32 years, Terry is a gifted itinerant evangelist, prayer warrior and passionate ministry entrepreneur. He has planted churches and helped found ministries like Pinnacle Forum, done at the suggestion of Bill Bright, best-known for starting Campus Crusade for Christ.

Learn how Terry has followed God’s leading and the amazing places that has taken him.

Original air date: December 10, 2020

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