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Rescuers, with host Art Brooks, spotlights unsung heroes who are changing and saving lives on a daily basis, and who are doing it, not for praise or glory, but because their hearts are in helping others. The show has two goals: to honor and encourage those “rescuers” and the difference they are making; and to inspire others to find their own way to make this world a better place.

Some days the show will introduce listeners to someone who found a unique way to solve a problem; and some days it will be a story of sacrifice or generosity; and some days it may be outright heroism.

“I want to bring compelling interviews of people from all walks of life,” Art says. “I want to pass on the stories of these courageous people who are at the front lines of changing lives.”

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Impacting cities worldwide - Levi Park image

Impacting cities worldwide

Levi Park
The Palau Association

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Educating student minds and forming hearts – Jeff Blake image

Educating student minds and forming hearts

Jeff Blake
Phoenix Christian Preparatory School

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Preparing student entrepreneurs – Robert Vera image

Preparing student entrepreneurs for success

Robert Vera

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MAT - Dr. David Deyhimy image

Saving lives with MAT

Dr. David Deyhimy

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