One team, one fight

Sean Stoddard

On August 11, 2020, Officer Sean Stoddard pulled his patrol car over to simply move a ladder out of the roadway. A distracted driver in an SUV plowed into his vehicle before he had a chance to open the door, crumpling his unit into an unrecognizable tangle of metal.

The resulting traumatic brain injury totally erased everything in his life before the accident. He had to relearn everything from colors and shapes, to how to feed himself, to walk, and to talk. He now refers to himself as Sean 1.0 and Sean 2.0.

Sean was – and still is – the president and CEO of the Archangels, a nonprofit that assists the military, veterans. first responders, and their families dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress and other mental health challenges including suicide prevention, morale, welfare, and recreational programs.  A veteran of four deployments with the U.S. Army to Iraq, Afghanistan and others, he leads a team of volunteers in service projects, and helping the homeless and service personnel with financial and other assistance.

He says his accident changed him, but it hasn’t changed his desire to help others.

“Amor antidotum.” Love will conquer all. Sean penned this song to express his passion and vision. He encourages everyone to help others, and that in that service to find true joy.

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Original air date: July 4, 2024.

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