Building bridges of understanding

Albert Celoza

Albert Celoza is a teacher and a lifelong learner. It’s been his profession for many years, and now as executive director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, he gets the opportunity to help individuals and groups learn more about the other faiths in our community.

The organization’s vision is a world of harmony, good will and peace among persons of all faiths, where the Golden Rule is a universal way of life. The goal is not for the different groups to compete in an effort to convert others, but to learn more about other faith traditions and what they share in common.

That vision is beginning to come true. Arizona became the first official Golden Rule state in the U.S. in 2003. Albert encourages anyone interested in this vision to go to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department and get a license plate that says “Live the Golden Rule.” And – one step at a time – it may happen.

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Original air date: February 1, 2024.

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