Overcome Adversity, Embrace Change.

Jason Schechterle

“I was no longer consumed by fire. I was consumed by gratitude.”

Growing up, Jason Schechterle had one dream – to serve as a Phoenix Police Officer.  Inspired by the tragic loss of a local law enforcement hero, Jason worked persistently towards his dream. After serving four years in the Air Force, at the age 26, Jason achieved his goal to work on the streets of Phoenix as a rookie police officer.  Then, only 14 months into what was supposed to be a life-long career, Jason’s life took an unexpected, dramatic and, at the time, tragic turn.

On the night of March 26th, 2001, a taxi cab crashed into the rear of Jason’s patrol car.  Upon impact, Jason’s car burst into flames, trapping him inside with temperatures reaching over 700 degrees.

Jason’s journey chronicles his fight for life, his triumph over tragedy and the inspiration that enables him to continue to overcome unimaginable adversity.  His personal narrative exemplifies that the power of the human spirit can never be underestimated or extinguished.

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Original air date August 26, 2021

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