Moving Women from Trauma to Transformation

Tammy Abernethy

When Tammy Abernethy was raising her kids as a single mom, she had first-hand experience with the fears, insecurities, and hopelessness that parenting in a crisis brings.

She was fortunate to be supported by a community of friends, family, and faith, but her heart was burdened for the women who were doing it alone, without a community or an understanding of resources available to help.

Now as the CEO of Hope Women’s Center, she is helping to provide a safe haven for at-risk women and girls to get back on their feet.

Whatever the adversity — addiction, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, unplanned pregnancy, feeling overwhelmed by parenting, unemployment, loss of confidence or support system, human trafficking, family conflict or change, children in the foster care system, homelessness, or healing past trauma — Hope’s free holistic approach helps engage, encourage, and equip women in all stages of life.

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Original air date: April 29, 2021