Building a better world

Rosie Romero

Most people know Rosie Romero as the congenial voice on the radio for the past 34 years that helps entertain and educate homeowners about caring for their investment.

His homespun Cajun humor has helped make Rosie on the House a hit, but there’s a side to him that isn’t as readily apparent. He and his wife Jennifer “Sweet Jenn” are coming up on their 44th wedding anniversary, and together are passionate about rural ministries in Arizona, having helped start a church in Nutrioso. They also work with organizations ranging from  Habitat for Humanity to Wildlife for Tomorrow and American Missionary Fellowship. They use the show and their notoriety to constantly encourage listeners to seek opportunities to serve in their own communities.

Join us as Rosie talks about the journey and what brought him to this point in his life.

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Original air date: March 24, 2022

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