Granting transformational wishes

Linda Pauling

Linda Pauling’s story starts as unspeakable tragedy for her family, but she has helped turn it into a story of unspeakable joy for families all over the world.

 In the spring of 1980, her 7-year-old son Chris had already been battling leukemia for years. His doctors told Linda he may be approaching the end of that struggle.

Knowing that Chris loved all things to do with the police, his mom reached out to friends and in the course of just a few days created his dream day that included rides in patrol cars, helicopters, motorcycles and even an adventure to catch some bad guys.  

“He was his old self that day, smiling and full of energy. He was high-fiving everyone and it was wonderful,” said Linda. “Chris was such a proud little boy.”

Sadly, Chris died just days later. But all who witnessed his joy that day realized they had been part of something very special, and Make-A-Wish was born.

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Original air date: March 17, 2022

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