Driving Economic & Political Empowerment

Lydia Guzman

The more you learn about Lydia Guzman, the more convinced you’ll become that she began advocating for positive change before she learned to walk.

Her personal mission is to help the community to become politically engaged. In order to become empowered, she believes people have to be part of the process.

One of her earliest accomplishments was helping Betsy Bayless, Secretary of State at the time, lead Arizona to becoming the first state in the nation to have totally paperless voter registration. And she’s continued making positive change ever since.

Today she’s the Director of Advocacy and Civic Engagement for Chicanos Por La Causa, an organization that spans four states and impacts more than 2 million lives each year.

Click here to learn more about Chicanos Por La Causa: https://cplc.org/

Original air date: December 23, 2021

Driving Economic & Political Empowerment - Lydia Guzman image