Circumstances don’t dictate your future

Dawon Coleman

Growing up in Southern California, Dawon Coleman didn’t think of his family as homeless, but they moved often, from living in a Motel 6 to his dad’s office to an assortment of houses and apartments for a few months at a time. His family struggled financially, his mom feeding a family of four on $10 a day.

Part of Dawon’s story is how through dogged determination to overcome his background led to his success in business, as owner of The Dawon Coleman Agency-State Farm. But the real part of his story is his dedication to giving back – as a speaker, as a mentor, and as an inspiration to kids with a background like his, to show them that there are options. That they don’t have to let their circumstances dictate their existence or their future.

Original air date: December 2, 2021.

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