Helping Arizona Families

John Junker

It’s no small task to coordinate and support the work of a corps of nearly 3,000 volunteers in Central in Northern Arizona, whose mission is to “Feed. Clothe. House. Heal.” families across the state. It takes someone with years of experience with large events and even bigger staffs.

John Junker has been with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul for eight years. The Phoenix Council of the organization is regarded as the largest for St. Vincent de Paul in the U.S. – and if you count the scope of services, probably the world. Volunteers are critical to helping families bounce back from adversity. Last year, those volunteers, known as Vincentians, in Phoenix generated more than $4 million in direct aid for assistance to families for rent, utilities, food services, back-to-school programs, medical and dental expenses and more. Hear how it all works with the Rescuers interview!

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Original air date: March 4, 2021

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