One Woman Making a Difference for the Navajo Nation

Ginger Sykes Torres

Ginger Sykes Torres gained early notoriety in her life as a champion hoop dancer, at a time when it was a man’s event. But weeks ago when she heard that her homeland in the Navajo Nation was ranked the highest in the U.S. for COVID-19 cases in the country; and that healthcare professionals and first responders had no personal protective equipment to protect them, her family gathered to create homemade face masks.

She is a woman who gets things done. That simple effort grew to gathering donations of hand sanitizer, face makes and other vital supplies, shipped up to the Nation by the van-load and then the truckload. Listen to her story on this broadcast, and if you’re moved to help consider looking up the Go Fund Me Site at

Original air date May 20, 2020.

One Woman Making a Difference for the Navajo Nation-Ginger Sykes Torres image