Police-Community Relations

Dr. William Crawford III & Dr. Cindy Scott-Janicik

The men and women of law enforcement are dedicated to protecting and serving the community, and despite the actions of a few, work hard to meet those high standards. Today’s Rescuers show is a precursor to an online panel discussion open to the public Saturday, Oct. 3 to discuss police-community relations.

Guests are Dr. William Crawford III and Dr. Cindy Scott-Janicik, both on the faculty of the NAU Justice Studies program. Dr. Crawford served for 23 years on the Phoenix Police Department as a career officer and 10 years in a a volunteer reserve capacity. Following that, he worked for 24 years for the Maricopa County Community College District.

Dr. Scott-Janicik worked as a detective with the Phoenix Police Department, and now serves as Clinical Professor of Justice Studies. During her tenure in law enforcement, she worked a variety of assignments, including patrol and the neighborhood enforcement team in south Phoenix, undercover narcotics detective, and media relations detective.

Original air date: October 1, 2020

Police-Community Relations - Scott and Janicik image