Using golf to empower lives

Tom Loegering

When Tom Loegering began serving on the Peoria Education Foundation board in 2014, he witnessed the resilience of students struggling to overcome challenges in their pursuit of education. Their challenges were not only financial, but in developing a lifestyle that leads to academic success.

As the CEO of the Sun City Country Club, Tom was inspired his two passions and began teaching golf to 5th – 9th graders in their schools, promoting not only physical health but also family unity and community cohesion.

In 2014 the Golf Program in Schools was launched as a pilot project at Peoria High School. What began as a small initiative blossomed into a transformative force, introducing more than 48,500 students to the game and its valuable life lessons across eight school districts in the Phoenix area. His long-term vision is to grow the program to 950 golf courses and introduce 19 million physical education students to golf every year.

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Original air date: June 6, 2024.

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