Fresh coffee to clean water

Eden Wild

Eden Wild was born in Ethiopia, and lived in an orphanage until adopted by her American parents at age 3. She treasured memories of her siblings and friends in Africa, and as she grew older became intensely aware that some of the blessings she enjoyed in the U.S. weren’t available to them.

One of the greatest of these was clean water.

Eden wanted to make a difference. Now a junior in high school, she is already an experienced entrepreneur. At age 13, she and her family started a home-based business, Buna Tarik Roasters: Coffee with a story. Proceeds from coffee sales have already funded five wells serving thousands in Ethiopia. They also partner with a coffee farmer in Uganda who takes in pregnant single girls and supports them with counseling, and teaching trades, money management skills, and providing supplies.

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Original air date: May 2, 2024.

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