Gospel through sport

Zach Vogel

At age 6, Zach Vogel’s identity was rooted in baseball. He was already praying that God would make him a major league ball player. Then four years later when he collapsed for the second time during a game, he was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a heart signaling disorder characterized by arrhythmia that caused him to pass out. It was more serious than that, though. It meant he had an increased risk of sudden death.

At 10, it appeared Zach’s dreams were over before they began. What followed were years of depression.

Hear about his amazing recovery, and how it makes him the perfect person to head Identity Sports, a nonprofit that provides events like Tales from the Tour and Tales from the Dugout as a platform for athletes to share their faith.

Click here to learn more about Identity Sports: https://www.identitysports.com/

Original air date: April 11, 2024.

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