Caring for the caregivers

Dr. Nelly Clotter-Woods

Many people who are caregivers are not necessarily there by choice. At least not in the sense of choosing it as a profession – rather, choosing it through love for a family member with health issues.

Dr. Nelly Clotter-Woods leads the Arizona Caregiver Coalition, whose sole purpose is to support caregivers and their families.

Their website offers a wealth of material that not only talks about the coalition and what they do, but consolidates valuable information from other organizations and government agencies on caregiver respite, support groups, training classes, emergency respite, and even information for caregiver youth. They also take an active role in advocacy and building new partnerships to help the caregiving community, including those who do it as a profession.

Click here to learn more about the Arizona Caregivers Coalition:

Original air date: February 22, 2024.

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