A “mulligan” in life

Kent Chase

Kent Chase was flying high – literally. Jetting around the world as a pro golfer, he stayed at five-star resorts, met celebrities and presidents of countries he visited, and traveled with body guards. Also considered one of the best junior golf teachers in the world, he was featured on the cover of magazines. He had a wonderful family life.

But then his wife developed breast cancer, and lost her life after an excruciating seven-year battle. Kent dealt with the pain by drinking himself into a ruinous state. When he was caught driving under the influence, his family insisted he get help, which he found through the Teen Challenge recovery program. And he found Jesus.

Kent is back on his game now. During his dark period, he discovered a remarkable parallel between the game of golf and the game of life, and how faith can make a difference in both.

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Original air date: February 15, 2024.

A “mulligan” in life – Kent Chase image