Be an overcomer

J.D. Hill

He’s been called one of the best athletes to ever play the game of football. But J.D. Hill’s greatest accomplishments were still before him.

J.D. excelled not just in football, but also lettered in baseball and track in college, an NCAA record that still stands today. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and also played for the Detroit Lions.

But after his pro career came years of personal struggle and addiction to crack cocaine that led to loss of his three sons and wife of 20 years. That could have been the tragic end of his story.

But it wasn’t. He found his way back to faith, restored relationships and a purpose for living in helping change and save the lives of others. Today he shares his story of redemption and how God helped change his life from a mess into a ministry.

Click here to learn more about J.D.’s ministry Catch the Vision: or check out J.D.’s book, Go Long – With a Little Help from my Friends: The Story of JD Hill.

Original air date: December 21, 2023

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