Quality education for every AZ child

Kevin Youngblood

Kevin Youngblood has a passion for kids and education. Even more, a passion for making sure ALL children have access to quality education.

He created an educational software dubbed Odysseyware to diagnose and prescribe solutions to learning challenges for at-risk youth in public and charter schools. He helped launch the Grand Canyon University Ventures program, and started Calvary Christian School in Georgia. He has been a speaker and lobbyist for K-12 education, and long-respected as a driven entrepreneur and community leader.

Kevin’s most recent role is taking over leadership of A for Arizona from the organization’s inspired founder, Emily Anne Gullickson. He is also president of Great Leaders, Strong Schools, a sister organization focused on public advocacy.

A for Arizona’s vision is to build an education system in Arizona that prepares every student to succeed in the competitive global economy and contribute to their local community. Their approach is to leverage best practices from the business community to focus intensely on scaling what works in K-12 schools.

Click here to learn more about A for Arizona: https://aforarizona.org/

Original air date November 9, 2023.

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