Fighting Combat-Related PTSD

Chuck Reaves

When Chuck Reaves was just 20 years old, he was a squad leader in Vietnam. There were no officers available, so he also filled the role of forward observer, directing artillery fire onto a target. It was a lot of pressure for a young man. Ultimately he was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts.

When he finally made it back to the U.S., he saw his first American girl – and she spat on him. It was just the beginning of the shame and disrespect that thousands of Vietnam vets experienced.

Chuck overcame that, and built a hugely successful career in sales, founding SaleSSuiteS, a platform for sales development tools, and finally became a motivational speaker.

Despite all that, his heart remained with his fellow veterans dealing with PTSD. In addition to authoring A Boy Becomes a Man in Nam: Understanding the Cause of P.T.S.D., Chuck has touched thousands of lives by addressing the topic head on.

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Original air date: April 27, 2023.

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