From laughter to legacy

Pat McMahon

You would be hard-pressed to find someone in Arizona who couldn’t share a vivid memory of Pat McMahon – either as a talk show host interviewing the likes of Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama to Mother Teresa and Mick Jagger, or maybe as the host of his internet program “The God Show.” They might have attended an event he was emceeing, where he has helped worthy organizations raise millions of dollars.

Chances are though, they know him from his 30 years on the longest-running live children’s show, “Wallace and Ladmo,” where he played Gerald and a host of other memorable characters.

Pat was literally born into the entertainment business to parents who were lifelong Vaudevillians. He went on the road with them at 5, and he’s been touching lives ever since, bringing joy through entertainment, raising funds, causing people to think about the things that matter, and making the world a better place with his gracious heart and sharp wit.

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Original air date April 6, 2023.

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