Seeing lives transformed

Jay Cory

Jay Cory has experienced a lot, but each stage of his life has made him the perfect person to head Along Side Ministries at this point in the organization’s history.

He led the Phoenix Rescue Mission for eight years, helping men and women dealing with homelessness and addiction. Before that, he was with the Atlanta Union Mission. And before that? Jay has a powerful story of personal transformation from a lifestyle of brokenness and addiction of his own, which gave him the experience and the heart to becoming a ministry leader to persons overcoming life-controlling problems.

As leader of Along Side Ministries, he leads a team of staff and volunteers that disciple and equip incarcerated Christians to transition successfully into the community. You’ll be fascinated by his history, and the how Along Side Ministries is giving people hope.

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Original air date: June 30, 2022

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