Waking the lion

Brad Hering

As a collegiate swim coach, Brad Hering’s strength might reasonably assumed to be athletics. It is … but he also has a much larger calling.

His gifts as a swim coach at Arizona Christian University are genuine. His personal vision, however, is to see people of all races live life to the fullest and to come to know Jesus in their hearts. Hear how he changes young lives.

But WAIT, there’s more! He also writes a blog … in verse! Here’s a sample of a recent entry titled “Don’t wait for tomorrow:”

     It may even be a person you don’t even know,

     it may be a close friend that is sinking real low.

     Don’t wait for tomorrow, to give away your gift,

     Someone needs your encouragement, a prayer, a lift.

To read his blog, go to https://wakinguplions.wordpress.com/

Original air date June 9, 2022

Waking the lion – Brad Hering image