Creating a safe place to heal

Patricia Plum

Even though Trish Plum grew up in the church with a loving family, she struggled with feeling valued. She did have a gift for dealing with people, unfortunately it was some of her friends who introduced her to drugs and alcohol.

A week after her 17th birthday she got behind the wheel of a car while under the influence, and the ensuing accident resulted in death for a woman named Hannah, and a six-year stint in prison for Patricia.

 You’ll be stunned by her story of redemption, reconnecting with her faith, and using the pain of her past to change the lives of others in the future.

To learn more about her projects, go to:

·        Imagine Therapy, PLLC, a therapeutic practice that sees individuals.

·         Dark Horse Recovery, an inpatient program designed to address substance use and dependence.

·        Changing Lives Residential Homes, a program to reduce recidivism for those that are justice involved.

Original air date June 2, 2022.

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